Ulcinj is primarily visited because of its sun, the sea and its sandy beaches. Those beaches, as a lot of visitors emphasize “have been given by God”, and they consist of the tiniest grains of greyish and warm sand. The warm, clean and clear sea with an up-to-56-m transparency, measured near Ulcinj, and thus being the biggest on the Adriatic, together with the mild coastal climate represent an irresistible motivation for every tourist.

Miami Beach is one of the “God-given beach” and it offers its visitors an endless variety of content which will make their stay unforgettable and complete.When the people, who have visited the Ulcinj beaches and who have stayed loyal to them for many years, are asked to show their impressions, they would state that staying on such beaches is true experiencing of “the paradise on earth”. To confirm this one can notice the nature surrounding the Ulcinj beaches: the tiny sand, the warm sea – Azzurian blue, the reed, the wooden cottages or some restaurant in the Robinson style, the sun and the peace, which is just sometimes discretely interrupted by the sound of the waves.

There is the possibility to make an excursion to the river Bojana, the Valdanos bay and to Old Ulcinj. The beach has been awarded by the blue flag for many years, and in 2006 it was chosen as the best beach in Montenegro by the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourist Organization.

Beach services

  • Parking
  • Sunshades & sunbeds
  • Private tenders
  • Dress room
  • Toilet
  • Showers
  • Sadoline
  • Pedaline
  • Restaurant
  • Beach-bar
  • Kids playground
  • Lifeguard
  • Internet
  • Volleyball court
  • Football court

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